I am excited to end 2018 and start the new with a focus on “Self-Care” and the Ownership of our “Merryness”. As I think about Self-Care and all that it encompasses I realize that it has to be holistic and awareness based. Not even a decade ago, physicians treated heart disease by focusing on the organ of the heart, rather than focusing on the person. Now – No cardiologist would think to give a pill for heart disease without exploring lifestyle. Well at least lets hope so. I believe this approach will transform our health, happiness and vitality.

I want to take 2019 and really explore the entirety of our “self’s” …. Our Physical self (general health, stability and strength), Mental Self (thinking and perception), Emotional Self (feeling), Connected Self (relationships), and Personal Self (Mindfulness).

Along with this exploratory journey I really want to dig deep into the idea of knowing vs practicing. Most of us have intellectual understanding of the connections between choices and consequences but we are still unable? unwilling? to make changes. I hear people say all the time ” I know what I should do” ” I know what to do” …. My voice is included in this, however we don’t. Why?

We are a creation of our consciousness. From a holistic perspective, matter is energy and energy is matter. It has been said… where attention goes energy flows. So…. this implies that we can use our consciousness to create our worldview, and our “Merry”.

What if an intentional focus on connection to our natural intelligence allows for the practice we crave? What if this connection between what we know and what we practice is engagement…. awareness of our conscious selfs?

Something to think about….
Looking forward to this journey with you …..
With love always
Leah xoxo

What does a self care junkie, enneagram 3, book in my hand love?  

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