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Today I am going to introduce one of the last parts of the journal page: creative visualization. The subconscious is very important when developing success from within. Your subconscious has been programmed since birth, and we want to reprogram it to work in our behalf. Take just a minute and think about how you talk […]

Lesson 6 – Creative Visualization

One of the most important keys to losing weight is to build muscle. Muscle tissue is metabolically active and burns a lot of calories even while you are resting or asleep. If you lose weight without exercising, you might lose about 2 lbs. of muscle for every 5 lbs. that you lose. That is why, […]

Lesson 4 Exercise Overview

One quick question before I dive into lesson 3 – How are you doing with your Journaling ? If you haven’t started yet – make this Monday the start of your journey.  Commit to printing this out and filling it in!  You got this!  If you have been doing it – send me a note […]

Lesson 3- The Ideal Diet

Hi- I am so happy you are here!   The fact that you subscribed and made the conscious choice to live your best life should be celebrated!! You are on your way to learning the lessons needed to start living to your fullest. Only you can do it, but I am here to help you every […]

90 “Best Life” Lessons

Are you genuinely happy? Are you growing and thriving? Or are you just pushing through the hours day after day.  I have been doing the latter for too long now.  I told myself that when summer was over and the kids were back in school I would be more mindful of my self-care.  I told […]

Awareness is a life long journey

It’s that time of year- Preschoolers, High Schoolers, and College Students graduating! Moving on to the next phase in there life. It’s been fun writing out graduation cards and appreciating the message for what it means to me, my clients and my hope to all of you. This “graduation” transition is a huge stepping stone […]

Happy Graduation Day!

X or Y ? why not both or perhaps neither? It’s very easy to fall into the happiness trap of false choices/truths –of thinking you can either do X or Y, and that’s the choice you have to make. False choices are tempting for a couple of reasons. First, instead of facing a bewildering array […]

X or Y

What does a self care junkie, enneagram 3, book in my hand love?  

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