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Thought for the Day: “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson I don’t know a woman alive who is completely happy with her body. No woman I’ve met has ever said, “I eat healthy, I exercise, and […]

You are Beautiful

In the spirit of de-cluttering – Look at your home. Is it a place where you really want to live? Is it comfortable and joyous, or is it cramped and messy. If you don’t feel good about it you are never going to enjoy it. Your home is a reflection of you. What state is […]

Is your home a peaceful haven?

In the spirit of April I thought I would inspire some “spring cleaning”. Have you heard of the “broken windows theory”? This theory of policing holds that when a community tolerates minor examples of disorder and petty crime, such as broken windows, graffiti, or drinking in public, people are more likely to commit more serious […]

What are your broken windows?

Are you kidding me? Tired, stressed and weight gain… what gives? It must be the season of metabolic and hormonal disruptance! I have heard from so many of my clients that they have gained weight—maybe just a couple but some 5 – 10 or more pounds in the last month. They feel tired, stressed and […]

Better is Better

What is the most important work you will ever do in this lifetime? Some say it’s your profession that allows you to earn money to live your life. Some say it’s parenting- raising your children – teaching them to be better spouses, humans -at least better than we were. I might suggest that it’s more… […]

What is your life’s work?

Challenge #4 Defining your Priorities (Financial Priorities) Defining Your Financial Priorities According to the online dictionary, the word finance means “the money or other liquid resources of an individual.” With this in mind, you can see why your financial priorities are the most tangible of all your priorities: Money purchases both our basic needs […]

Defining your Financial Priorities

Challenge #4 Defining your Priorities (Occupational Priorities) Defining Your Occupational Priorities According to the online dictionary, the word occupation means “the principal business of one’s life.” Your occupational priorities may encompass a job or a career, if you have an employer, or a business, if you are your own employer. Either way, there are […]

Defining your Occupational Priorities

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