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Parenting is the hardest job I will ever do. They say, “A Mother’s work is never done.” I’m realizing more and more how true that is. Not only is it physically exhausting it is emotionally exhausting. Sometimes I think I want more for my kids then they do?  And as if parenting isn’t hard enough […]

Mommin Ain’t Easy

Everything that we have gone through in our life has prepared us for what is ahead and what is right in front of us. If we have made peace with these hardships, and heartaches we will find it easier to work through the next curve ball. If they remain heavy in our hearts and thoughts […]

Sharing is Healing

This means as a human being you need to be as curious as you can about your own experience, as honest as you can about your own understanding of what’s real for you. As it appears, our beautiful mind is not capable of not thinking.  Our mind is always occupied by thoughts, whether we want […]

The Art of Positivity

I have learned that pleasing everyone is a recipe for disaster and the farthest thing from being true to authentic you. I get that it’s not possible to please everyone, and yet it wasn’t (Let me be honest… isn’t)  an easy thing for me to actually learn how to apply in practice. I am a […]

Don’t Try and Please Everyone

This means that I exist—live and breathe with the feelings that arise when I make a mistake, but that I don’t hold them over my head. It means that I’m dedicated to my life, my family and my clients… and my own personal growth.  Mistakes…they happen! I am not suggesting it’s okay to continue forward […]

Don’t Take Myself Too Seriously

I’ve become more interested in how “truly living” offers such a tremendous opportunity to bump up against my deeper self in ways that aren’t always comfortable, but are often liberating. Teaching, living, breathing is not about being perfect…. It’s about being yourself.  Being true to yourself—and not doing it because everyone else thinks that you […]

Teach from My Experience

Have you ever pulled away from something in order to not get hurt? Have you ever closed off an idea or a person because the unknown was too risky? What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail again? Have you thought you were not enough? I started my blog with my life’s principles—the second […]

Intimacy in Vulnerability

What does a self care junkie, enneagram 3, book in my hand love?  

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